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  AWS Certified and Insured      D1.1 & D1.3 & Pressure Pipe
"Where Quality and Service is Our #1 Priority"
Doing It Right Since 1994
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     Aluminum  *  Stainless  *  Cast Iron  *  Steel 
Woodard Welding is a small business doing big things! 

With our experience, superior training, state of the art portable truck, and full shop with up to date equipment, we out perform much larger shops. 

We take the time to master our equipment and continually upgrade our skill sets, which in turn maximizes our efficiency - getting more done with fewer people in less time.  We also understand the importance of informed logistics, honest answers, and having the right equipment and manpower on site to handle the job safely and efficiently.

Our well equipped office and knowledgeable office manager is there to take your calls, schedule appointments, and handle that up to the minute paperwork that keeps the job moving.

Give us a call today and schedule your appointment. Let our expertise and professionalism work for you.

The number one comment we hear from our new customers:
 "I wish I knew about you guys years ago.